Boost your Brain power with Android Apps

Use your Android phone to improve your vocabulary, boost you IQ and improve your mental skills. These games are fun and addictive too. Here are some of the popular “edutainment” games and apps for Android.

Words with Friends Free, from Zynga, is similar to the traditional word-forming board game, Scrabble. It is a two person game enriched by the fact that you can login with Twitter or Facebook and invite your friends to play with you. There is an online chat to interact during an exciting game. If the game is slow, there is a notification feature that lets you know when your opponent makes his move. You can also opt for Pass and Play game, where two people can play the game on the same phone.

If you think vocabulary building is serious business and would prefer a pile of flashcards to teach you some tough words, turn to the trusted’s app, Flashcards. It has over 70,000 flashcard decks, and can be customized by grade, subject or by standardized test. You can choose audio pronunciation or definition matching.

Sudoku Free is an android app for the number puzzle that has taken the world by storm in recent years. With four levels of difficulty it has enough puzzles to keep you entertained for a long time. It can give hints if you need them and track your score. You can also play in real time competitions online.

The aim of Math Workout is to exercise the brain with a set of daily mental mathematics problems. You can track your progress with Charts and there is also a World Challenge where you compete with other top players around the world. The paid version, Math Workout Pro, comes without the ads and a few extra features like wallpapers and user profiles.

Chess improves concentration, visualization and strategic thinking. Chess Free by AI Factory is one of the highest rated chess apps for Android. It has 10 levels from Novice to Expert. You can play against the system, or against a friend in the 2 player mode. It has a unique feature “Show CPU Thinking”, which shows the moves the system is considering.

Who becomes Rich, by, brings the classic pub quiz to your Android mobile. This multiple choice trivia quiz is one of the most popular trivia apps on Android. It has hundreds of questions covering a wide range of subjects from Mathematics to Sports. The monetary value associated with the question and the question difficulty increases as you progress, making the game very addictive.

Herbal Medicine: Forgotten Yet Remembered

The word “pills” was not always in a dictionary nor was it used for all kinds of medical purposes. This was a time when killing a fever meant bleeding out instead of sweating it off with extra blankets and chicken soup. It was a day and age when growing spices and herbs in your backyard was common knowledge and practice and not used for spicing your foods. Herbal medicine was a practice and a basic knowledge in every household, from the grandmother to the cousin to the smallest child. How many out there know that cinnamon sticks provide relief for menstrual cramps? Or that drinking alcohol—in moderation, mind you—actually cleanses the body?


The practice of herbal medicine was common and widespread throughout the entire world. Since cultures lived in different regions and were surrounded by different environments, they used the herbs and materials available to them wherever they lived. Those living in the regions of the Asias, for example, would have used ginseng root to treat many ailments from fevers to nausea or to just gain energy. In Europe, they used to bleed it out of patients by slicing their arm and letting a good amount of blood run out until the temperature lowered. Coincidentally enough, despite their different practices, nearly all cultures around the world believed that the body was made up of four vital humors that kept it in balance: blood, phlegm, yellow bile (urine) and black bile (bowels). An imbalance meant that one or more of these humors was out of place, and remedies, toxins, exercise and even scheduled bleedings were created in the attempt to rebalance those humors.


Practices that today we may find gruesome or barbaric, were actually normal attempts and efforts taken to cure individuals. Blood was believed to be the carrier of the disease so the Europeans bled their patients in hopes to get the bacteria out. Those in the Asias focused more on the environment and thought that one illness was due to an imbalance in hygiene and exercise. During an age when a fever could have been a plague, the population did not have the time nor the knowledge much less the cure for everything. Rather than risking it, they went out of their way to provide “gentle” solutions to cure the sick. This knowledge was nearly lost and forgotten until after the Renaissance period that ancient texts were translated from Greek and Asian philosophers and medics. Once technology and science became the top priorities of a growing civilization, herbal medicine had nearly vanished.

Arranging a Small Budget Wedding – Things to Do

Weddings are no doubt expensive and they are much cost effecting than you can afford. For those people who have been saving enough for their special occasion it’s something they don’t have to worry about much but for the ones who haven’t considered taking their options into the mind, it could get complicated and challenging to go through everything. A small budget wedding could be arranged in the end but one should know what all to include and exclude within that arrangement.


Arranging a small budget wedding could be daunting and challenging for anyone and one could get easily carried away with the expenses and things that are to be purchased. After you decide to set up a plan or a budget for the wedding, you should know that extending different elements and factors for the wedding is not effective. You might think getting an expensive venue will be compelling and attractive but it is going to affect other parts of the event such as menu and the cake or even the invitations. Arranging a small budget wedding and sticking to the plan must be carried out without a doubt. Here are a few things you can do to have a small budget wedding planned out.


Wedding flowers are usually something which is expensive and non-affordable when it comes to talking about individual elements and factors.  Use the wedding flowers that are easily available locally and are in season. Usually, people like going for their favorite flowers and to order them they end up paying hundreds and thousands of dollars because they are not seasonal. Flowers are all the same and the venue is going to look magical anyhow, the focus and outcome should be creatively planned and it will turn out as beautiful and gorgeous as you have thought it to be. Try making the flower arrangements yourself as well instead of hiring a florist to do that job.


Cut down the expenditure on the wedding dress because you don’t want to spend half the money on something you will wear for a few hours only. You can look as pretty and charming in something affordable and finding it on the right place. If you are planning your wedding ahead of time, getting a dress prior to the wedding season should be your choice. There are many designers going on clearance sale and you could pick one out for yourself then.


For the reception food menu, you can choose dishes that are less expensive and fill up people more at the same time. Rice, pasta and chicken are some of the things for instance you could opt for.

The Basics of Telecommunication

The transmission of information that allows for communication between people who are separated by distance is known as telecommunication. In the olden times, this was usually done by using visual signs such as smoke signals or flags which delivered a particular message, or with the use of audio codes through particular drum beats or whistles which had different meanings. These days, electricity is used a lot in telecommunication, and this has made the process of information transition faster and possible over longer distances.

In the beginning of this wave of telecommunication, wire was necessary for this communication to take place. However, later on, it was discovered that wireless communication was possible. This has made it possible for people to transmit larger volumes of information over longer distances. Telecommunication is a key aspect of the global economy, and developments in this sector do affect the economic growth of any nation.

The basic elements of telecommunication involve a sender who uses a transmitter which converts the message into a signal. The transmitter then transmits the information through a medium to the receiver which transmits the signals into information that can be used and understood by people.

There are situations in which telecommunication can only take place in one direction, as is the case with a radio or television, meaning that the transmitter cannot be the receiver and the receiving end cannot be the transmitting end. However, with the onset of telephone technology, duplex telecommunication has become possible as now people can receive as well as transmit information from the same medium.

The signals that are transmitted in digital communication can either be analog signals or digital signals. These two types of signals are different in the way that they are coded as well as the quality of the sound that is received.

Telecommunication networks on the other hand represent all the players that make telecommunication possible, from the transmitters and receivers to the communication mediums that make it possible for the messages to be transmitted. The telecommunication medium refers to the channel that carries the signal between a transmitter and a receiver. Examples of telecommunication media in our modern times are optical fibres as well as cables.

Telecommunication has significantly impacted our societies as well as our economies. For starters, businesses need telecommunication to survive as this is the only way that they will be able to transmit useful information about the products or services that they are selling to potential customers.

Telecommunication has affected social relationships, with telecommunication devices such as the telephone making it easier for people to communicate with each other, regardless of their physical distances. The internet has also brought people close to each other, and made the notion of distances between people non-existent as messages are transmitted in an instance.

Telecommunication recognizes the human need to communicate with each other, and it attempts to fulfil this need through the transmission of information between different people. Technology has advanced to phenomenal levels, and with the internet being used as a key telecommunication media these days, there is no limit to how far we can go when it comes to transmitting information.

The mission of the Hmong American Institute

Hmong American Institute for Learning (HAIL) is an arts organization. Our mission is to promote and inspire artistic expressions of Hmong culture. We seek to build a vibrant and thriving Hmong creative community that draws from both traditional and contemporary forms of Hmong art.

Why art?

Art is vital to the survival of any people including the Hmong. They have a long tradition of integrating art into their lives in order to provide for and educate their families. The Hmong were thrust into modernity when forced to seek refuge after the United States pulled out of Vietnam in 1975. Hmong is an ethnic minority from Laos where they aided the United States in a CIA-sponsored Secret War against the spread of communism in Southeast Asia.

For a Hmong person, if you didn’t know how to weave and sew, you couldn’t clothe your family. If you couldn’t tell a story, it would be difficult to entertain your family and at the same time pass on your family’s traditions, rituals, and history–the Hmong didn’t have a writing system until the 1950′s. If you couldn’t artistically adorn traditional clothing with needlework or fashion jewels using blacksmithing, you couldn’t look your best during the Hmong New Year Celebration. Blacksmithing was also essential for making eating utensils and work tools. If you didn’t sing or play an instrument, you didn’t have a creative way to court a future husband or wife. Music also played an important role for passage of a soul into the realm of the ancestors during funerals. Finally, having an artistic skill enabled you to barter and trade for services.

Art was and is essential for all areas of life for the Hmong, and without it one couldn’t survive. At HAIL, we still believe art to be a vital component to community building. Today, art remains crucial for the Hmong as we assimilate to American culture and living in the age of technology. We are adding new art forms to our repertoire, further contributing to the cultural experiences of the communities we live in. HAIL is at the forefront of contemporary Hmong American art.